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United Against Diabetes

UAD/CVD is currently the only organization dedicated to:

  • reducing the prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other chronic diseases in working families,
  • developing and testing strategies for prevention, early detection and aggressive management of diabetes/CVD in multiemployer health plans
  • helping multiemployer plans adopt evidence-based prevention, detection and management programs.

There is a great deal that Health and Welfare Funds can do to prevent and lessen the burden of diabetes, and the costs of doing nothing are astronomical. Today, about 15% of adult participants have diabetes, but only two-thirds know it. If we do nothing, in 15 years 30-40% of adult participants will have diabetes.

So there really is no choice: something has to be done, and it has to be done urgently. This can either be done by each Fund individually or together by the Multiemployer Fund community. We think a communal response is best in terms of science, finance and impact. That's why we are launching the diabetes awareness and management campaign, United Against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

Diabetes can be prevented, and then treated if it develops, but to do so effectively Health and Welfare Funds must do more than "stand in the shoes" of their participants. They must actively engage with participants to encourage behavior change, early detection, and rigorous compliance with treatment guidelines.

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